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Tuition & Fees

The assessment of your qualifications is conducted at no charge. If you are approved and choose to pursue your degree, the tuition below includes:
  • A high quality, beautifully framed degree.
  • Over 600 FREE online classes, career education and online learning resources prior to graduation, if needed.
  • Two official transcripts based upon our assessment of your qualifications and the courses related to that degree.
  • Free third-party verification for employment purposes.
Total Tuition


Over 46 degrees available



Over 48 degrees available



Over 44 degrees available


Randford University offers traditional "per credit hour" training based on a 3 semester year. Tuition averages $7750 per year with 35 credits earned. For those who have satisfied our graduation criteria through previous study and life experience, the tuition is significantly reduced. The fees outlined here include evaluation, transfer of credits and degree recording. Because no additional credits are required, your total tuition is greatly reduced.

Randford University offers over 400 classes held in a virtual online atmosphere. Manage your career and studies without the restrictions of conventional class schedules. Learn more..

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