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What is a life experience degree?
Who can enroll at Randford University?
Do you approve everyone who applies?
How long will it take to receive my degree?
Do you have residency requirements?
What is accreditation?
Is Randford University accredited?
What makes Randford University different?
Will my degree say "life experience"?
What date is on my degree?
Can I acquire a medical or law degree?
What is included with my degree?
Will my degree be legal?
Do employers accept Randford Degrees?
How do I verify my degree to employers?
What GPA score is listed in my transcripts?
Are the credits transferable?
Can I transfer credits from other schools?
Do you accept military education programs?
How much does it cost to obtain a degree?
Is there a student loan or aid program?
Do you sponsor Student Visas?

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What is a life experience degree?
Randford University awards university degrees based on the knowledge gained from lifelong learning, demonstrated professional experience, and educational training. If you are lacking experience in a particular area, additional training through our online courses can help you fill the gap. You may earn your degree based on experiences such as:

  • Previous college and university study
  • Specialized training courses
  • Employer and career-related training
  • Professional career achievements
  • Military service - Active and Civilian
  • Government experience
  • Career-related experience
  • Distance learning and online courses
  • Related volunteer activities
  • Personal studies and correspondence courses
  • Certificates of achievement

Who is eligible to enroll at Randford University?

Anyone with a high school diploma, significant career experience, or expertise in a particular field of study. We accept students from the United States and from several countries around the world.

Do you approve everyone who applies?

Degrees are awarded only to those who have significant education or experience in their chosen field of study. Approval is based entirely upon meeting the criteria of the degree.

How long will it take to receive my degree?

The assessment process determines the level of degree you can obtain and this can take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on your qualifications, experience and the amount of information provided on the application. The time required for verification of this information is dependant on the number of transcripts, certificates, or clarification questions we may have. You may also be required to take a few more courses before we can grant you a degree. Once our initial assessment is complete, you are provided full details of what degree you qualify for and if any additional training is necessary. Once the assessment and verification processes are complete (usually 5-10 days), your degree approval is sent to our records department. Your official degree and transcript records are recorded and can be confirmed by employers within 24-48 hours. There will be a wait of 5-10 business days to prepare your degree, transcripts and other materials before they are shipped out to you via UPS. If no additional training is required, the complete process can take between 15-30 days. However, we cannot ship any printed paperwork until our verification process is complete. There may be delays out of our control if the information you listed on your application requires additional time to confirm.

Do you have any physical residency requirements?

No. One of the benefits we offer is a complete distance learning program. If some additional study is required to receive your degree, Randford University can offer all coursework online.

What is accreditation?

The United States Department of Education does not accredit any U.S. college or educational institution. The accreditation process is left in the hands of privately operated professional, national, regional, and local accrediting agencies. Randford University's procedures and policies conform to the strict guidelines of our accrediting agency.

Is Randford University accredited?

Randford University is an accredited institution with the National College Accreditation Council (NCAC). The NCAC independently determines if a college is meeting the high standards of traditional and distance learning practices. The stringent requirements for accreditation ensures that all degrees issued by Randford University are considered legitimate and valid based on the polices of the NCAC. The NCAC independently selects colleges and universities to be accredited. We also offer coursework that is Microsoft certified, Oracle certified, PMI training (Project Management Institute), European Computer Driving License (ECDL), CompTIA and the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants (CEC). 


What makes Randford University different?

We award university degrees to those who qualify and are dedicated to continuing their education. So there is a commitment required on your part. We continuously augment our coursework to give you the widest range of learning possibilities. In order to maintain our accreditation as a legitimate educational institution, applicants are considered entirely upon the predefined criteria. If you have worked hard in your career and obtained valuable skills, we can help you complete your degree. Best of all, we offer all students access to over 600 online courses to complete their education if any courses are required prior to graduation.

Will my degree say it was obtained through a combination of study and life experience?

Transfers credits and those obtained through career training are all listed on your transcripts as completed courses. There is no listing of "distance learning" or "life experience" on any degrees or transcripts you receive from Randford University. If you have satisfied each and every requirement for that subject, it is listed as a completed course.

What date will be my Randford University degree?

Your degree can only be dated for the current or previous semester. In no case can your degree be dated earlier than 6 months prior to award. Even if you have satisfied your educational and experience requirements several years ago, we can only allow a window of 1 semester or a maximum of 6 months. Our diplomas indicate the award date, not the date you may have satisfied the requirement.

Can I acquire a medical or law degree through Randford University?

Randford University awards a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, but we do not offer doctorates in the law or medical fields. However, we do offer up to a Masters degree in many disciplines. Depending on your previous study, it is possible to be awarded a doctorate in a few select fields.

What is included with my degree?

With every Randford University degree program, you receive the following products and services:

  • All benefits of pregraduates including over 600 FREE online classes, career education and online learning resources. These classes are available to all students prior to graduation.
  • Two official transcripts based upon our assessment of your qualifications and the courses related to that degree. A full list of corresponding classes and credits hours are listed on your transcripts.
  • You will receive a framed diploma as record of your accomplishments,
  • Third-party verification for employment purposes. With your permission, we will verify your degree and date of graduation to any and all inquiries from legitimate third parties. Verification requests can be faxed or verified online. Many employers will obtain verification by both means and this is included at no additional cost.
  • You are invited to take complementary courses after graduation. These courses are selected and published monthly so you may take the ones you feel are helpful to your career.

Will my degree be legal to include on my resume and other official documents?

You may list your Randford University degree anywhere appropriate. Various employers have different application forms that prompt you for specific information. If applicable, you may include it on your resume or any other official document. It is important to check what information and criteria the employer needs to respond appropriately. Some states have restrictions in place that govern the use of degrees on resumes and applications. These restrictions apply to all degrees, not just those earned from Randford University. If you are in an area with these types of restrictions, it is important that you follow their guidelines. Always consult your state and local laws when using any degree from any school.

Do employers accept Randford University Degrees?

Many employers actually pay the students tuition as part of educational reimbursement programs. Acceptance of any degree depends on the individual company or agency. If there are any concerns, we suggest you check with the employer prior to enrollment.

How do I verify my degree to prospective employers?

Your academic record at Randford University is kept confidential to protect your privacy. With your permission, we will verify your degree and date of graduation to any and all inquiries from legitimate third parties. Verification requests can be faxed or verified online. Many employers will obtain verification by both means and this included at no additional cost.

What GPA score is listed in my transcripts?

Grade Point Average (GPA) is only used for studies conducted through academic courses. The courses that are listed on your transcripts from work or life experience will be marked as passed ("P"). If you are transferring credits from another educational institution, we will use the grades listed on your transcript in place of "P". A total GPA can still be calculated based on the graded coursework you have completed. If your education or experience is beyond the required criteria, we may list the additional courses completed on your transcripts.

Are the credits earned from Randford University transferable to other educational institutions?

Yes, your credits may transfer. However, many colleges and universities do not recognize credits earned at other institutions regardless if it is a distant learning school or a traditional university. If you wish to use your Randford University degree as the foundation for further education, we suggest that you to contact that institution before pursuing your degree at Randford University.

Can I transfer credits from other schools to Randford University?

If you have completed coursework at another college or training facility, you can transfer those documented credit hours toward your Randford University degree. Some candidates completely satisfy our degree criteria through transfer credits alone. These credits combined with experience may qualify you for a higher level degree.

Do you accept military education programs?

Experience gained by military service should be included in your application to Randford University. Most military training will transfer to credits and be applied toward your degree.

How much does it cost to obtain a degree?

Randford University's tuition fees vary according to the degree(s) you obtain. Please see our tuition page for more information on the exact costs.

Does Randford University offer a student loan or financial aid program?

Yes, in part. Payment of all tuition fees is the responsibility of the student whether paid in full or through a payment plan. We do not offer a conventional student loan, but can offer a payment plan to even out your financial burden. Our tuition page explains this in detail.

Do you sponsor Student Visas or an H1B Work Visas?

No. Randford University has no residency requirements and therefore we cannot provide any assistance necessary to obtain student visas. For information on obtaining a visa for entry into the USA, please contact your local visa office or refer to the US State Department guidelines.


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