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Award Guidelines

The following guidelines are designed to determine your eligibility for a degree. Certain work experience or education may not transfer in full. There are many combinations of work experience and education, therefore your qualifications will be examined based on your individual situation. If you are lacking some skills, we offer pre-graduates FREE online courses to fill the gap.

Years of Work
Years of Education
Total Years Needed
1-2 years
1-2 years
2+ years
2-3 years
2-3 years
4+ years
3+ years
3+ years
6+ years

What counts towards a degree?

Experience and education can include previous college and university study, specialized training courses, employer and career-related training, professional career achievements, military service, government experience, career-related experience, distance learning and online courses, related volunteer activities, personal studies and correspondence courses, and certificates of achievement.

Randford University recently announced its Master of Science degree program in Telecommunications. This degree is awarded
to students who have shown proficiency with business systems connectivity, performance, industry standards, protocols and networking configurations. The Telecommunications industry has grown tremendously over the
last few years and we are proud to add this curriculum to our program. Learn more..

Randford University offers over 400 classes held in a virtual online atmosphere. Manage your career and studies without the restrictions of conventional class schedules. Learn more..

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